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The right choice. We will fight for you, and your family’s safety when repairing your car.

Insurance DRP shops are evaluated on how many alternative parts (non-OEM) are used for each vehicle’s repair, how cheap they can repair the car for and how fast they can get it done. 

That means that they will “repair” your car with parts that have a lower quality than OEM-parts and race to complete repairs as cheaply and as quickly as possible so they can get the next referral.  This is a recipe for short cuts!  This could severely affect the safety features of your car. A DRP shop doesn’t have your interest in mind. They have their relationship with the insurance company in mind.

Haury’s regularly performs post-repair inspections on vehicles that have been repaired at insurance preferred shops. We find that, most of the time, the vehicle owner does not know they have non-factory parts on their car because the shop didn’t tell them. 

Post-Repair Inspections

If you have any doubts your car might not have been properly repaired by an insurance repaired shop, or any other shop, contact us TODAY.

You can trust Haury's Collision & Vintage
because we are certified AND we work for you, not the insurance company.

Haury’s Collision & Vintage is Seattle’s premiere auto body/collision repair center.  We have served the Pacific Northwest since 1963 and we rely on our reputation for top quality work and excellent service for our future business.  Haury’s works for your best interests, which is a safe and proper repair.  We don’t let your insurance company claims adjuster tell us how to repair your car.  Haury’s provides a limited lifetime warranty for its workmanship. You have the right to choose where you have your car repaired.  Choose the shop that works for you!


Haury's is certified by 16 vehicle manufacturers to perform repairs correctly. We only use factory-approved methods, techniques, and OEM parts when repairing your vehicle. This ensures that your vehicle will be returned as close as possible to its pre-loss condition and you will maintain your factory warranty wherever possible. It will be not only repaired on the outside, but also repaired correctly on the inside.


Haury's is Seattle's premier auto body and collision repair facility, run by car enthusiasts who care about your vehicle, your safety, and your vehicle's value. Haury's is not enrolled in any insurer programs, as these programs mandate non-factory parts, limitations on labor and material costs, and may not allow a shop to follow all of the manufacturer's specified repair procedures. We only have one mission and that is to perform the very best repair possible.

Do not settle for less!


Washington State law requires your insurer to make a good faith effort to effectuate prompt, fair, and equitable settlements of your claim (WAC 284.30.330 (6)). Your insurer must equally consider your interests, may not arbitrarily deny the repair estimate by your chosen repair facility, and must pay to restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition (WAC 284.30.390 (2) (4)).

At Haury’s, we are standing by to help. If you are having a difficult time dealing with an insurer or feel like you are being treated unfairly, give us a call and let us know.

Jeff Butler, Haury's President, is a licensed public insurance adjuster and can assist consumers who are having trouble with their insurance claim, who are dealing with an unfair or deceptive claims practice, or who are getting a low settlement offer or short payment of their claim.

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