Factory-Certified Repairs
Original Equipment Factory Parts
Safe Repairs Are Our Top Priority

We are certified by 19 vehicle manufacturers, including: Porsche, MINI/BMW, Subaru, VW, Acura/Honda, Mazda, Nissan GTR, Alfa Romeo and more.

When it comes to collision repair, it is crucial your vehicle is repaired to factory specification so it will perform the same as the vehicle manufacturer designed in a future collision. Your safety and your vehicle's performance and value is our top priority. We want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision about your collision repair.



You have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired per Washington Law.

While insurance companies might suggest, or even tell you that you must bring your car to their “preferred shop” for repairs, you can choose any shop you want by law! If an insurance adjuster is pushing you to use “their network shop," it's because the insurance adjuster's bonuses and raises are based on selling their own shops so they make more money on your claim. Why should you choose Haury's above an insurance preferred shop?


What Our Customers Say

Jennifer Huffer
Jennifer Huffer
October 22, 2022.
Great location
Amanuel Gebreyohanes
Amanuel Gebreyohanes
October 21, 2022.
Excellent service and friendly staffing
Steve Wertz
Steve Wertz
October 19, 2022.
When my 40th birthday present was crunched in a parking lot while I was attending a concert (before I had even driven it 5 times!), I was angry and confused. Never having used an auto body shop before, I didn't know where to go. I started calling shops near my house. They either wouldn't work on that brand or that vintage and if they did, they couldn't get me in for 3+ months to even give an estimate. I started asking where these shops would recommend I go. Haury's was mentioned multiple times, even though it wasn't close to where I was looking. The shop was very accommodating, helping to guide me through the confusing insurance process and even somehow managed to get me in right away. They were very communicative and helped me deal with the insurance agency when the check came in 20% less than the estimate. While I hope I never require their services again, I know who I would call first if I did!
Jehan Alvani
Jehan Alvani
October 11, 2022.
I couldn't be more happy with Haury's. I have a vintage Porsche 911 (a low-mileage '88 Carrera) that is high on my list of favorite things in the world. The mount-points inside the doors where the doorstays mount is a notorious weak point in these cars. I realized my driver's side mount point was degrading when I replaced the doorstays last winter. The result was a loud "pop" of degrading metal whenever I opened or closed the driver's side door. If caught early enough, it's a fairly minor repair with an off-the-shelf reenforcement kit. Unfortunately, in my case, it was not. The mount point was chewed up and upon review Zac and his team recommended a fairly dramatic surgery on the door with very little room for error. Long story short, the repair is a fantastic success: the door looks no worse for the wear, and it opens and closes smoothly! Somehow they even managed to come in under their original estimate. This is an enormous burden off my mind, and to say I'm thrilled is a huge understatement. I will mention, I've used Haury's in the past. They worked on an R56 Mini Cooper I owned several years ago as well. I've been happy with every interaction I've had with them.
Beth Anderson
Beth Anderson
September 6, 2022.
We've had to use Haury's twice for back to back collisions to our Honda CR-V. Haury's is very accommodating, communicative and does a great job. The only issue I can even begin to point to is that their billing software doesn't differentiate parts and labor in the way most body shops will to show how many hours of labor each section's work would require. But the work they do stands up well, and they are more than willing to help their customers understand the damage, their options, the process, and work with the insurance companies to help get things sorted out. I can't really say I hope to work with them again but if my car gets hit again, I'm glad I know where to go.
Jameison Snyder
Jameison Snyder
August 31, 2022.
Friendly employee's
Kelley Hanten
Kelley Hanten
August 3, 2022.
After a crash I had my car taken to Haury’s before insurance could take possession of the vehicle. Their team was very fast on repair estimate turnaround time and was proactive in communicating with my insurance company. Would use again and recommend to anyone!

Why Choose Haury's Collision & Vintage:

Haury's Is the Right Choice

Why? We accept all insurance for payment. We refuse to have direct repair contracts with insurance companies that force us to use cheap, knock-off parts where the insurance adjuster tells us how to fix your car. We put our customers’ best interests first.

auto repair technician using light to see engine
All Shops Are Not Created Equal

Haury’s performs high-quality repairs to OEM specification.  A lower priced estimate may not equate to the same quality repairs that you’ll get at Haury’s.  Haury’s provides a promise that you can’t get anywhere in Seattle and a warranty to back it up.

Three Solid Reasons:

Safety is our #1 Priority

We value you and your family's safety therefore, our repairs are performed only by top notch technicians.

Timely & Professional

Being without your vehicle is a huge inconvenience which is why we are committed to getting your auto repair done quickly and safely the first time.

Customer Driven

We are here to help you. From requesting an estimate to walking you through each repair made, we are here every step of the way.