June 19, 2021

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The Right Choice

You have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired

While insurance companies might suggest, or even claim that you should bring your car to their preferred shop or claims center for repairs, they don’t have the right to force you to go to their shop. You can choose any shop you want. Why should you choose Haury’s above an insurance preferred shop, or above any other shop?


Haury’s Lake City Collision is the choice of consumers from around the Puget Sound area. Why? While we accept any and all insurance companies for payment, we choose to have NO contracts with insurance companies. This means that we do not allow insurers to manage the parts we use or how we repair your vehicle. We work directly for you, the consumer.

We use only original factory parts (OEM parts) unless you specifically say otherwise. In our opinion, aftermarket parts are not made for collision effectiveness and are generally of significantly lower quality than parts made by the original manufacturer. Watch the clip from ConsumerReports.org, and you will see what non-OEM parts could have for effect on your safety.

Haury's Lake City Collision is an independent body shop with your best interests in mind

The Right Choice

Many insurers’ Direct-Repair Program shops (DRPs, “repair network shops” or “preferred shops”) may use these non-OEM parts, and typically do so without asking you or without fighting for your best interest.

Insurance DRP shops are evaluated on how many alternative parts (non-OEM) are used for each vehicle’s repair. That means that they will “repair” your car with parts that have a lower quality than OEM-parts. This could severely affect the safety features of your car. A DRP shop doesn’t have your interest in mind. They have their own bank account in mind.
Haury’s regularly performs post-repair inspections on vehicles that have been repaired at insurance preferred shops. We find that, most of the time, the vehicle owner does not know they have non-factory parts on their car because the shop didn’t tell them.



Choose Haury’s Lake City Collision. The right choice. We will fight for you, and your family’s safety when repairing your car.

Contact Haury’s for a Post-Repair Inspection if you have any doubts you car might not have been properly repaired by an insurance repaired shop, or any other shop.


If your car still needs repairs, make sure to give us a call  to ensure that repairs are done safely, and properly – the first time.