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Happy Clients

Trust me that if you take your vehicle to Haury’s they will make the experience painless. Very professional, efficient, and did amazing work. Alma H.
Former Insurance Adjuster
Volkswagen Jetta
Zac & Team were super helpful and did a great job. I highly recommend! Helena's Cleaners Don’t gamble with your automotive repair, because it’s just too stressful and expensive to do so. Trust me, I know. Instead, take this review seriously, and call Haury’s if you need any work done–big or small. Phil. H. Being a young, female in the Seattle area, I worried about the kind of work I would get. Haury’s eliminated any fears, and they went over and beyond to help me. I had no hesitation about the kind of work I would receive. Brittany H.
Honda Civic
Jeff understands the process of fixing your vehicle. His knowledge extends beyond the technical details to the process of working with the insurance company. You can expect a high quality experience from Haury’s Lake City Collision Matt M. As usual, Zac, and Jeff (the owners), took wonderful care of me and the MDX. They set up the rental car and handled the insurance claim without any problems. The repair is undetectable. Paul A.
Acura MDX
I was able to get the car restored to pre-accident condition with Honda parts. I cannot say enough in praise of Haury’s quality, efficient service in addition to their support to the consumer who wants to get the job done right. Anne B.
Honda Civic

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"Had some bent metal and a new bumper cover plus an overall refresh of my 20 year old BMW. Zac advised and educated me on the goal of getting a good result without doing the whole car. The results were amazing!Quality paint match and blending, attention to detail in all panel fitting and finish and sanding and buffing left my car looking new. Kept me informed on progress and a few problems discovered in the process. I would highly recommend Haury’s if a quality finish and as new repairs are your priority. Not the least expensive but expense that is back by workmanship and pride of their technicians. Thank you Haury’s!

Dwight M.

1998 BMW 3 Series

"Haury’s did a frame adjustment on my BMW quickly and efficiently. The staff were pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. Their COVID-19 practices were in place and up to date. They gave me my BMWCCA discount without asking. I couldn’t be happier.

Jim B.

"These are precisely the reasons I am proud to do business with an establishment like Haury’s and the staff therein. From the moment you speak to a member of their team or set foot inside their doors it is apparent that integrity is a highly regarded value and a cornerstone of how they do business.


"My experience with Haury’s was superb, as they were very professional, both in their workmanship and in their customer service –these guys really know how to operate a business properly, and to produce excellent results, even for the most detail-oriented of customers. My car was returned to me three days after dropping it off, in showroom condition, with the paintwork looking just brilliant (and the interior clean!). (No exaggeration about the showroom condition; I’m very particular about washing and waxing my car, and I’ve never gotten my paint to shine like that; the car looked brand new).


"My experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend going to Haury’s. They provided me a very detailed estimate with detailed breakdowns of labor and parts. I got my Land Rover Discovery rear quarter panel replaced and painted that had 11-year-old paint and they matched the new panel to the original paint exactly; obviously their painter is fantastic. With Haury’s you’ll not be disappointed if you’re looking for fixing something 100%.

Gary W.

Landrover Discovery

"Her insurance company wanted to repair it by using an aftermarket door, and blend the paint only around the door. Haury’s went to bat for me and convinced the ins co to get a factory door, trim and repaint the whole side because matching paint on the door to faded paint on the right side would not be acceptable.

John W.

"I had no idea how normal of a practice it is to do a “cheap” repair until I had my car accident. Jeff helped me soooooo much. Jeff found a poor repair done on my car and fixed it well, giving me peace of mind to know I am now protected by my car from another unforeseen accident.

Mary K.

"I have worked in the auto industry for BMW and this is my first google review. I have never been more completely satisfied with my repair services and customer service then I have when I went with Haurys. Not only do they have the best experience in correctly repairing your automobile they also will fight your insurance for correct and manufacturer approved repairs.

Jon L.


"I had two different errant drivers damage my car(s) over the past 3 years. Both times I had Jeff, and his crew do the repairs. Both times I am extremely pleased. Jeff is at the top of his game at auto body work. His true strength is his expertise navigating the rules, and politics of the insurance companies. He is an advocate and ally in this part of the equation. Of all the vendors and businesses, I ever worked with, Haury’s is THE BEST. I strongly recommend their services.

Paul K.

"It’s never fun to be in a car accident, but a bad situation can easily get worse if you choose a bad auto body shop. I would highly recommend sending my friends and family members to Haury’s to have their cars repaired.

Krista A.


"The front core support of my Subaru Forster was damaged after the front end of the car bottomed-out in an exceptionally large rut. I chose Haury’s to do the repair because of their Subaru certification. The people I dealt with were pleasant and very willing to answer questions. They took care of all the paperwork after I filed the insurance claim. The shop does high quality work. The vehicle looks and drives like it did when new. I am very pleased with the result.

Dick H.

Subaru Forrester

"Haury’s does impeccable work. The entire team is extremely professional. Haury’s has very high standards and really ensured that they were looking out for me and not my insurance company. Top quality parts and service!!! Shannon the receptionist really ensured that I was updated and informed throughout the entire process and she expedited the process with the insurance company to ensure the fastest possible timeline and that really took away allot of the stress while I waited for my car to get returned to pre loss conditions. I highly recommend them especially if you have a new Subaru like I do.

Starling C.

2017 Subaru WRX

"It is rare to find people in the auto industry who are willing to go out of their way for their customers, insuring quality work. It is even rarer to find a group who not only stands behind their work, but is willing to help a client resolve such a difficult situation. I can’t begin to express how thankful my husband and I are for the crew at Haury’s. You did more than repair my vehicle. You helped insure the health of my unborn children.

Cristy W.

"Haury’s Lake City Collision is one of the most extraordinary businesses that I have ever worked with. After my accident, not knowing which way to turn, the staff directed me step-by-step. They offered assurance every step of the way. They answered every call and e-mail promptly and spent as much time as needed until I understood everything. Thank you, Haury’s, for your excellent service, honesty and integrity.

Michele F.

"Insurance companies (like mine) will try to steer you away from Haury’s. That is wrong, and against the law. Haury’s gets this kind of flak from them because they have chosen not to take insurance contracts. Doing so would degrade the quality of their work. What that means is they will not cut corners unless YOU want them to. YOU are in control of your repair at Haury’s…not your adjustor. That is the major difference with this shop– they work for YOU.

Janis H.

"Some dumb neighbor kids were playing catch with a football in the street in front of my house a few weeks back. The football landed hard on the roof of my wife’s 2006 C230 Mercedes leaving a nice football size divot. Needless to say I took the car to Haury’s Collision in Lake City because they are one of the only shops around who can refinish a Mercedes as good as the factory. They use the Glasurit painting system by BASF.

John G.

2006 C230 Mercedes

"I particularly enjoyed the level of service I received from Jeff. My insurance company didn’t pay the full amount initially, which made me feel taken advantage of. However, Jeff spent quite a bit of time to go over the details on what to do next. He provided me with plenty of tips and guides on how to work with insurance companies, and even called up the company directly to help recoup the re-imbursement that I am entitled to. Fantastic level of service from the Owner!

Paul T.


"Haury’s took excellent care of my car, and me. They worked within my budget, and made my car look better than when I bought it. They bent out my core support, and attached and realigned the hood, driver’s headlight, and front bumper. I would highly recommend this shop since their quality of work is so high and their prices are very reasonable.

Aaron W.

"My Mini looks better than it did when it was new, they did a fantastic job repairing the left front after I hit a deer, and ran into the ditch.

David H.

2010 MINI Cooper

"I’ve done business with Haury’s a couple of times over the years, excellent results that exceeded my expectations both times. They’re not the cheapest by a long shot, but you get what you pay for when it comes to bodywork. Recently received an estimate to have my Land Cruiser fixed, but I had to put it off for the time being due to my dog’s recent (and quite expensive) health emergency. If you love your ride and want it back to looking like nothing ever happened, Haury’s is the place to go. Highest recommendation.

Greg G.

Toyota Land Cruiser

"Went to Haury’s for a diminished value claim. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with guiding me through all available options. After over an hour of consulting we decided to not go that route. After all that time they declined to charge me anything. Haury’s really seemed to be looking out for my best interest. Wish I knew about this collision center sooner.

Stephen D.

"I knew that I wanted to take it to Haury’s after seeing what perfectionists they were. So I told my claim rep that’s where I was going to take it. My claim rep said that, “oh, they aren’t certified” I know for a fact that they are certified to fix all the Euro brand cars, and they are even the only shop in the PNW that is certified to work on the new Nissan Skyline GTR. Plus, I’ve seen the work they do on all sorts of high-end cars, old classics, imports, and domestics. I saw a guy’s 76 suburban that he was restoring after it got out paint and had all new chrome- and it looked amazing! And I don’t like suburbans….

James D.

Infinity G35

"My MINI (aka my baby) was hit by a Honda Element. My MINI was less than a year old at the time and let me tell you I was angry/sad/shocked/sad/relieved. All I cared about was getting my car fixed ASAP. I contacted the dealer and they highly recommended Haury’s. My MINI returned to me looking good as new. I would give Haury’s a 5 if it were not for a tiny adjustment I had to go back for, but Haury’s addressed the issue, and it was resolved quickly.

Nadia G.


"This is the second time Haury’s has done work on my car, and once again, they were top notch. Zac is always extremely helpful, informative, and straight to the point. He and Jeff worked great with my insurance company and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I got the best customer service, and that my car (which is by no means a high end car) was repaired back to a level almost better then new. Bottom, line, they do things right in this shop. They don’t cut corners, they don’t use crappy parts, and they take the time needed to do the job right. You can’t ask for anything better than that. Would recommend them to anyone in a second.

Chad W.

"They simply do it right, and I couldn’t be happier.

Enkel B.

"After our 2006 BMW 325i was badly damaged in a crash, we did not know where to pick up. Our biggest worry was what to do with the car now. It looked so bad that though we loved it so much, there was no way we could imagine it running as well as it did prior to the accident. My husband looked around and researched and found rave reviews for Haury’s. And we never looked back. I’m glad he chose these guys. My husband, who had been so devastated with the accident, felt so reassured with the service that he got from them. Thank you, Haury’s. More power to you!

Danna R.

2006 BMW 325i

"The work done was done very well. During the delivery I examined the car in detail and pointed out about some things, Jeff got personally involved, made sure I had a rental car and gave me updates on the fixes and made sure the car was well taken care of. We all make mistakes but to own up to it and make sure it is not repeated again is what makes you a leader.

Ram S.

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