June 19, 2021

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GT-R Certified

Haury's is Nissan GT-R Certified

Haury’s is the only GT-R Certified collision repair facility in the Pacific Northwest. Our technicians have been through rigorous GT-R training courses and follow the standards established by Nissan for their legendary supercar. We only use equipment and techniques required by Nissan. That’s what makes Haury’s the best place in the Puget Sound area for Nissan GT-R repair and service.

Experienced GT-R repair professionals.

We are highly referred by Nissan dealers around Seattle — and it’s no wonder, when you look at our talented repair staff. Our technicians have years of experience repairing Nissan vehicles and have been thoroughly trained and certified in the latest repair techniques for these vehicles. These techniques aren’t performed just anywhere — Haury’s has the training necessary to repair your vehicle completely in-line with Nissan factory standards.

Celette and Glasurit – Nissan’s approved GT-R repair equipment.

We use the Celette structural repair platform, the ONLY repair system approved by Nissan for use on it’s GT-R vehicles. This system allows us to make the most precise frame and structural repairs possible.

We also use the Glasurit painting system by BASF, a waterborne and environmentally-friendly refinishing system approved by Nissan. Glasurit is known around the world for its high quality, precise color matching, lasting durability and impeccable finish. Its waterborne composition reduces its impact on the environment when compared with other bulk refinishing systems. You just can’t find this equipment at any body shop — choose Haury’s for the right tools for the job.

Don’t trust your GT-R to just any shop

Not every shop in the Seattle area has the same commitment to quality and service. There are many shops that come recommended by insurance companies and that are contracted with them. These contracts ensure that the insurance company can “manage costs” of the shops in question, by requiring the use of low-quality aftermarket parts, requiring discounts for parts, and limiting charges for labor and materials. All of this can pressure shops to cut corners on repairs to remain profitable. the These shops can have many names (“Direct Repair Program” [DRP], “preferred shop,” “partner shop,” etc). At Haury’s, we believe this model is dangerous because it puts the financial interest of the insurance company ahead of that of the customer. We put you and your GT-R first, so while we work with insurance companies, we do not allow them to dictate repair methods. There’s no cutting corners here, and the buck stops with you — the customer — as it was meant to be.

Haury's is Nissan GT-R Certified