June 19, 2021

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Post-Repair Inspections

                       Why do I need a post-repair inspection?

A recent study in California by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) finds that up to 60% of vehicles already repaired still had damage that the collision repair facility did not see or did not address. Perhaps more shocking is that a whopping 42% of these repairs had serious safety problems that still needed to be addressed. You can bet that most of these car owners were in for a rude awakening.

The problem with vehicle repair is that it is not all made to the same scale. Certain collision repair facilities have different priorities than others. Many collision shops link their financial success with that of insurance companies, receiving a steady stream of work as a “recommended shop” or “direct repair program” facility, only to be pressured by said insurance company later on to “control severity”.  Shops do this by using cheap aftermarket parts, which are noticeably less performant then their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equivalent, or they can use repair methods that have not been approved by the vehicle manufacturer. These costs come at the risk of your financial well being, and potentially putting you or your family in physical danger.

Insurance companies persuade or steer unsuspecting consumers to these “preferred providers” by using fear tactics telling vehicle owners that if they don’t go to the insurance companies “approved shop” the vehicle owner will have out of pocket expenses and the work will not be guaranteed. Sound familiar?

If you have taken your vehicle to one of these facilities for repair, there is a significant possibility that your repair was not completed to the manufacturer’s standard. In order to protect yourself, you can have Haury’s perform what is called a “post-repair inspection.” This procedure is routine for collision repair facilities across the country, a verification step to make sure that repairs were completed to an acceptable degree of safety and quality. Haury’s can provide an initial assessment for free to determine whether a more invasive inspection might be warranted.

You can also receive a diminished value (DV) inspection at the same time, which can help offset your costs incurred. If additional damage is found on your vehicle, you can pursue a claim with the responsible insurance company or repair facility, so they can cover the damage that was not repaired the first time.

Due to the pervasiveness of “direct-repair programs” in the auto repair industry, leaving shops and customers at the behest of insurer’s bottom lines, the overall quality and safety of collision repairs are significantly lower than they should be. At Haury’s we believe this is wrong: we have no financial relationships with insurance companies; we work only from the professional opinion of our estimators, expert technicians and owners with decades of experience in collision repair. As one of the only collision repair facilities in the area that can make this commitment, we urge all clients to safeguard their financial and physical well-being by having a post-repair inspection done.