January 27, 2021

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Post-Repair Inspection

Haury’s Lake City Collision exists for quite some years already. That means that we have seen about it all, the good and the bad. But still we are regularly surprised by the way some cars are “repaired”. Some repairs look like they are done with zip ties, duct tape, and bondo (a filler). Our Post-Repair Inspections have come across cars which had whole panels “repaired” with bondo, and cars that had bumpers attached to the frame with zip ties. We often see very bad welding jobs, too. High strength steel structural parts that were weakened by welding, turning a car with a 5-star safety rating into a car with the safety of a ‘50s vehicle.

7 Out of 10

From all the Post-Repair Inspections we do, 7 out of 10 inspections reveal remaining damage to cars. That means that 70% of the cars that were supposed to be repaired, are not as safe to drive as the car manufacturer intended. 50% of these cars still have structural and frame damage, which is the damage that could impact your safety severely.

40% out of the cars we find remaining damage on end up being a total loss. The total loss occurs because of the costs to re-repair the car and/or because of damage that wasn’t discovered in the first place.

Take a look at the clip below from Gallileo Law. Haury’s Lake City Collision & Collision Consulting of Washington’s Jeff Butler talks about bad repairs we come across.

On our Post-Repair Inspection page you can find some more information about this subject.

Second Opinion

Our inspection can reveal what shiny paint, and new parts would hide. If you think your car might not have been properly repaired by the body shop to which you have brought your car, get a second opinion.

Contact us to make an appointment for a Post-Repair Inspection.

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