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Haury’s FAQ Topics for 2021

Yes. To provide the best and most efficient auto collision service and care, we schedule appointments for estimates and vehicle drop-offs. Appointments allow us to create a schedule that works for you when you need collision repair,  while also helping our repair advisors and technicians work effectively. Ready to make an appointment? You can easily make an appointment by contacting us online or calling us at (206) 365-1565.

Yes, we recommend getting three estimates when it comes to collision repair. As you compare your car repair estimates, decide what level of repairs you want and find a shop that fits your needs. If you are looking for the cheapest repairs, shop around until you find one that fits your budget. If you are seeking the highest quality collision repairs, find a shop with the right commitment, training, experience, equipment, and certifications. Make sure you find an auto body collision repair shop that works with your unique collision repair financing. At Haury’s Lake City Collision we work directly with you – the consumer – to make sure your needs are being prioritized and met. 

When taking in your car for collision repair, you want technicians to provide the highest quality service for your vehicle. Manufacturer certifications matter because not every shop has the technician training, correct tools, or even the right equipment to repair your vehicle. Certifications from the manufacturer guarantee that the work is done by trained professionals working with the intended parts and procedures. To find the best collision repair shop for your car, make sure you check that they’re manufacturer certified. Haury’s is certified in a multitude of manufacturers, including (but not limited to) Porsche, Subaru, BMW, Honda & Acura, and Cadillac.

To become manufacturer certified, the auto body repair shop must acquire all of the required equipment and tools. All of the shop’s personnel and technicians must be trained in the manufacturer’s specific repair procedures. The auto body shop receives annual inspections, and updates are made for new required tools. At all times, maintaining standards put forth by the manufacturer is key.

The truth is only you benefit from quality collision repair for your vehicle. The insurance company looks after their bottom line and their adjusters are not repair experts. Insurers don’t have the training or understanding of the specific repair procedures our technicians and estimators do. Frequently, insurers write to include knock off parts or exclude procedures to keep costs low, which won’t serve you in the long run. At Haury’s Lake City Collision, we offer the best collision repair, and we promise you it’s worth it. Our approach is consumer driven, which means we’re always prioritizing your needs.

Yes! Haury’s is proud to be a local auto body shop that offers both car restoration and custom car work. We’re passionate about working with different models, and are open to a variety of projects. Curious about how we can help? Reach out online or give us a call. We’d love to chat further about what you’re thinking.

Yes! As part of our auto collision service, Haury’s has rental vehicles available while your vehicle is repaired. We firmly believe that you should drive a great vehicle while your car is in the shop. If all of our available rental vehicles are occupied, we work closely with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which has a location just down the road from us. When you work with Haury’s, you’ll never be stranded without a ride.

A vehicle is considered a total loss when it is no longer economically viable to repair. Per RCW 46.04.054  The vehicle has been declared salvage or has been damaged to the extent that the owner, an insurer, or other person acting on behalf of the owner, has determined that the cost of parts and labor plus the salvage value has made it uneconomical to repair the vehicle. 

Yes, in fact, it is the insurance provider’s duty to conduct a proper investigation and inspection of the vehicle so that they can properly evaluate the loss.

If your insurance provider refuses to send someone to see your vehicles, send in a written demand that they inspect it in person and fulfill their duty to conduct a reasonable investigation and inspection. If they continue to refuse, you may file a complaint at The Office of Insurance Commissioner. You deserve to have your vehicle inspected.

Insurer “approved” shops MUST agree to the cheapest prices, use knock off and junk yard parts without testing, and agree to pay rental car expenses if they don’t meet the quickest turnaround times.  To stay on the insurer’s referral program at the top of the list, shops must compete monthly against other “approved” shops with the lowest price and cheap parts.  This is a recipe for shortcuts! At Haury’s we are Pro-Consumer, which means we’ll do the work that’s best for your vehicle. No shortcuts, no cheap parts. We offer the highest quality collision repair, and we’re proud of it.

Our sister company, Collision Consulting, conducts inspections of vehicles repaired at insurance preferred shops. They can help inspect your vehicle and make sure the repairs are safe. If you think your car isn’t being valued fairly, they’ll take all the facts and accurately appraise the amount of damage, the value of your vehicle, and the value lost. Need to talk to someone about your auto collision? Contact Collision Consulting. 

Technically speaking, the vehicle owner hires the auto collision repair facility. They choose to make repairs to their damaged vehicle and pay the repair facility for these repairs. If the vehicle owner has insurance, and the loss is covered under the insurance policy, then the insurance provider owes you – the vehicle owner – for the cost of the damages.

Technically speaking, if the accident was declared the other party’s fault, then the other party owes you for the repairs. However, typically their insurance will pay for the repairs so they can be involved in the repair process and attempt to influence repairs, including the type of parts used, so they can reduce their settlement amount. Often, to smooth the process over, vehicle owners will go with their own insurance provider, who will then subrogate the claim payment with the at-fault party’s insurance.

A deductible is the amount chosen to self-insure in order to keep premiums at a lower cost. You are responsible for your policy’s deductible, and it’s paid straight to the repair shop. Your insurance company will pay for the collision repairs that exceed your deductible. For example, if your deductible is $200 and the covered repairs total $1,000, you’ll pay $200 to your auto collision repair shop and the insurance will pay $800.

Your repair and replacement parts do come with a warranty, and Haury’s Warranty is one of the best in the business. Our workmanship is guaranteed by Haury’s for as long as you own your vehicle. Furthermore, the parts we use for your collision repairs are warranted by the part manufacturer. Ask to see our customer warranty for more details.

Haury’s policy is to always use Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) parts. However, the final decision ultimately lies with you – the vehicle owner. You can decide what parts you want to receive for your vehicle collision repairs. However, at Haury’s, we always recommend using OEM parts. For highly unique custom or restoration projects, we will consider using non-factory parts when applicable.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are designed by the vehicle manufacturer and crash tested to restore your vehicle’s crash safety rating, as well as its appearance. Because they’re original, these parts are guaranteed to fit your vehicle as the manufacturer intended. Nearly all knockoff/aftermarket parts have never been crash tested, and don’t offer this guarantee. They rarely fit your vehicle and when used in collision repairs they prevent your vehicle from regaining its pre-crash condition.

Haury’s is manufacturer certified and factory trained, with a reputation for only the highest quality collision repair work. We don’t cut corners or follow an insurance company’s estimate. If your goal is to restore your vehicle to pre-loss conditions, including the safety standards the vehicle was built with, then Haury’s is the shop for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or ask questions about our work.

For years, Haury’s has recommended PEMCO and Amica Mutual Insurance. In our opinion, they have the best relationship with their customers, and genuinely care about providing support. At Haury’s we are pro-consumer, which means we put your needs first. Our experience has taught us that these two insurance providers offer quality services that you can trust.

At Haury’s, we are always looking to prioritize your experience. Here is information about important regulations in Washington State Law so you can make educated decisions for your vehicle. We also recommend this Washington Law site, as well as Collision Consulting of Washington. Both are great resources to use in the event of an accident.

  1. Keep all communication in writing only. This avoids misunderstandings, he said/she said predicaments, and helps you prove what transpired. If you feel you must speak with an insurer on the phone, record the conversation and announce at the beginning of the call you are recording. Make sure to get the acknowledgement from the other parties on the line.
  2. Never take financial advice from a party that owes you money.
  3. Remember, only YOU benefit from the best collision repairs. The insurance provider benefits from the cheapest price.
  4. Know your rights, be aware of how the regulations affect you, and know what the insurance company is allowed to do or say. Stay in communication with the body shop.
  5. Need extra assistance? At Haury’s, we are standing by to help you. If you are having a difficult time dealing with an insurer or feel like you are being treated unfairly, give us a call. With years of experience, we can offer non-legal advice for your assistance.