June 19, 2021

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In an Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident, here’s a handy list of tips to walk you through the claims and repair processes here at Haury’s. Being able to “prove” who is liable for the accident happens at the scene. Be sure to follow every step completely for your future peace-of-mind.

At the scene of the accident

1: Stop immediately and check for injuries. Call 911 if you, or anyone else needs direct medical attention.
2: Notify the police and ask that they show up to insure information exchange. If the other driver is uninsured, this is especially important.
3: Immediately photograph the scene of the accident, and damage to both vehicles by taking photos, prior to moving the involved vehicles if possible. Make sure your photos capture the damage with enough detail and at decent distance or angles.
4: If the other party admits fault, ask for a written statement right away. People's stories might change over time, and without proof, you may have to dispute liability. Do not admit fault yourself, nor discuss the accident with anyone on the scene except for police.
5: Call Haury's Lake City Collision during business hours to have your vehicle towed if necessary. If outside of business hours, call a towing company. We have good experiences with CityWide Towing at (206) 364-7070. Instruct the towing company you contacted to take the vehicle to Haury's Lake City Collision.
6: You have the right to take your car to the repair shop of your choice. You are not required to call your insurance company from the scene of the accident OR prior to taking it to a repair shop. Once your vehicle is at our facility, you can set up your claim and we can assist you with handling it through the repair process. Remember: you have the right to take your vehicle anywhere you wish for repairs!

At Haury's

1: If your vehicle was towed in, call us during business hours or come in to speak with our friendly staff. If your vehicle is safe and legal to drive and you will be taking your vehicle on your own, give us a call and have us set up an appointment for you. We will collect the information we need to get started with an estimate and to set up initial contact with the insurance company. We can also arrange for a loaner car from our fleet of Ultimate Loaner Cars should you need one for the duration of repairs.
2: Your estimator will begin preparing an estimate. Once complete, the insurance company may visit our facility and prepare an estimate of their own. The amounts between the estimates are almost always different, and as they are just "estimates" at this stage, this is not indicative of future problems. Our initial estimates generally account for more accurate information than those of the insurance company, due to our hands-on experience in disassembling and assessing your vehicle in keeping with the manufacturer's repair techniques.
3: Only YOU authorize repairs your vehicle, not an insurance company. Only YOU choose the type of parts to be utilized on your vehicle. Haury's will only use factory parts unless you say otherwise.
4: If additional damage to any components is found, or if changes to the repair order are needed, your estimator will let you know and notify the insurance company to the changes so they can make the appropriate changes to their file.
5: Once the vehicle repairs are complete, we will forward the final bill to you and your insurance company.
6: Once payment has been collected in full or final arrangements have been made, we will call you and schedule a time for you to pick up your vehicle. We will go over the repair with you and make sure that everything is up to your standard.